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America has an ongoing love affair with sports. And yet, America also has a deep desire for spiritual satisfaction. Face to Face unites these two hungers by using the radio talk format to introduce Christ to sports enthusiasts.

The sports world is literally exploding with the number of people who have Jesus Christ at the center of their lives. Some are champions, but many are just trying to make their way in their careers.

Some of the people interviewed are rookies, some are veterans, and some are even athletes at the end of an illustrious sports career. Some are household names, but a lot of these people are known only to the most ardent fans.

Spiritually, it is more exciting than perhaps any other time in the history of sports. We hope you are as thrilled as we are by what you read. Thanks for the opportunity to let us take you Face to Face.

Current Interviews

Joe Reitz


OT - Retired
Indianapolis Colts
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Corey Dickerson


Left Fielder
Tampa Bay Rays
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Tim Hoeflinger/Dan LeClerc

Tim Hoeflinger
Dan LeClerc

Race Across America
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Brian Harper


Hitting Coach
Toledo Mud Hens
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